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Cast Character Overhaul, Revamp and Enhancement! GT Vegeta Update!


This Add-on aims to buff the cast characters and make them much more fun, unique, diverse and competitive in tough content, and in PvP, compared to just always picking the same few characters. This is done by giving various characters their own exclusive Super Souls. And if applicable; revamping their skillset! Or in a rarer instance; giving them their own custom Charge skill as well! Something else to make Cast Characters better as well is now the Debuff present on all Cast Characters in various content has been completely removed in all content as well. So, hopefully with this Add-on, everyone can have fun playing as Cast Characters! There's also a bunch of optional Q.O.L choices you can install if you so please, just make sure if you do plan on playing with friends, you all pick the same options.

Find the Super Soul Details HERE! Or inside New Super Soul Details.txt in the archive.

Here's some notable extra changes from Vanilla to improve the Cast Characters even more!:

  • The Stats Debuff present on Cast Characters in all content has been removed!
  • Some Characters such as SS4 Goku & Vegeta have new custom Charge-Ups.
  • New Variations of some characters! [MUI, SS4 Goku]
  • Character Exclusive Super Souls have been introduced to the game, and are a lot stronger than normal Super Souls. Check them out ingame! *More will be added in each update.
  • *And More!


Characters who currently have Character-Exclusive Super Souls:

*All Characters have an alternate optional PvP variant of their Super Soul balanced for PvP. Abilities may differ.

  • Goku (Planet Namek, ones with "Super Saiyan)
  • Namek Vegeta (Post-Recoome)
  • Full Power Frieza
  • Turles
  • Future Gohan
  • Majin Vegeta's First Variation
  • Metal Cooler
  • Destroyed Armor Bardock Variation 3
  • DBZ Broly
  • Pikkon
  • Janemba
  • Super Gogeta
  • Gotenks
  • Majin Buu (Gohan Absorbed)
  • Vegito
  • Tapion
  • Dragon Fist Goku (Turtle Hermit Gi (No Character) 5)
  • Kid Trunks
  • Great Saiyaman 2
  • Great Saiyaman 1
  • Android/Cell Saga Trunks
  • DBS Future Trunks
  • Goku Black
  • Zamasu
  • 1st Form Cell
  • Masked Saiyan
  • Mira
  • Towa
  • Supreme Kai of Time
  • Xeno Trunks
  • Goku (GT)
  • Super 17
  • Trunks (GT)
  • Vegeta (GT)
  • Pan
  • *More are added each update! Feel free to leave suggestions on who you'd like to see as well!
  • Find the Super Soul Details HERE! Or inside New Super Soul Details.txt in the archive.

Feel free to leave any feedback/suggestions you have for the add-on! Or characters you would like to see get Super Souls!

[Unlike my Parallel Quests', this Add-on IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE with updates. So keep an eye out!]

[This Add-on IS compatible with Revamp]

[This Add-on is compatible with Proud Mode]

[Add-on does NOT work online. But does with friends provided you both have this installed.]

[If changes don't showup ingame, reinstall! That should fix the issue!]

[Works with X2M's.]

[Please report issues.]

[Special thanks to Pentium, Cristal and JSM]

Add-on created by "Warden"

Current Add-on Version: 7.1

Run the provided installer. [Is compatible WITH REVAMP] *If changes don't showup ingame, reinstall! That should fix the issue!

Version 7.1 [3/9/24]

  • -Introductory text was changed.
  • -Goku (GT) no longer has a voice.
  • -Goku (GT) now has new CSS voice lines!
  • -Internal Data was changed.
  • -Goku (GT)'s Character-Exclusive Super Soul has been added!
  • -Goku (GT)'s skillset was revamped. [Multiple moves replaced/removed.]
  • -Super #17's Character-Exclusive Super Soul has been added!
  • -Super #17's skillset was revamped. [Multiple moves replaced/removed.]
  • -Trunks (GT)'s Character-Exclusive Super Soul has been added!
  • -Trunks (GT)'s skillset was revamped. [Multiple moves replaced/removed.]
  • -Both Towa’s and Bikini Towa’s Energy Zone’s were sped up by 2x.
  • -Both Towa’s now have Full Power Energy Wave instead of Super Ki Explosion.
  • -Vegeta (GT)'s Character-Exclusive Super Soul has been added!
  • -Vegeta (GT)'s skillset was revamped. [Multiple moves replaced/removed.]
  • -Pan's Character-Exclusive Super Soul has been added!
  • -Pan's skillset was revamped. [Multiple moves replaced/removed.]

Bug Fixes:

  • None

Known Bugs:

  • -DBZ Broly Super Soul Effect 7’s Debuffs are not working, barring the Skill lock.
  • -GS1 & 2 PvP Soul’s Effect 8 Sub Effect 1 is activating even after the Effect should wear off.
  • 8uploads
7.1 [3/9/24]
File size
70.53 MB
Credit given to modders
Warden [Dev], | Special Thanks: Pentium & Kristal [For DBL Assets Drive], lazybone [Installer] and JSM [Some Art]
March 9, 2024


Leave a Reply

  1. savion89 says:

    hi question when i start the game it says unknown character for vegeta blue and kid gohan. any fix?

  2. your mod is not fully compatible with revamp.. you’ve messed up alot of character names and costume descriptions.. you should have use the parameter “{AutoID}” so that it would not conflict or overwrite previous costume ID. im doing a fix right now.. ill post it here. along with unlocked hidden characters from the base game and from revamp

  3. Xeno T-bro says:

    Can we have the option for GT Goku to have a voice in the next update?

  4. W_G says:

    This mod is fantastic.
    Although everything for me works fine, except for the title screen artwork, I still have the OG black screen(Not the end of the world as this is a tiny thing, that I’ll only see for a moment).

  5. ssjMartin says:

    you cannot use the old kaioshin
    and he has only kamehameha 4 or 5 times

  6. ruminette says:

    The only mods i have installed are the current version of Revamp and the Gameplay Enhancer. Booting to the title screen causes an error prompt to show up claiming some of the game data may be corrupted, then the game closes itself. Tests were made after only Revamp being installed and it still ran fine so i’m guessing this is all on Gameplay Enhancer. Any tips on fixing it? Since it specifically mentions being compatible with Revamp then perhaps I should try installing them in a different order?

    1. WardenPlays says:

      I would recommend installing this add-on second/last. When it comes to add-ons using LB’s Installer, it can get kind of funky when going to show in-game, as installing an X2M can throw it out of wack, especially ones that modify the “system” folder, which Revamp and this project both do.

      Since Revamp uses X2M’s, do a mod wipe, then install Revamp first, then this, and see what happens. If that doesn’t work, trying installing this without any of the optional add-ons included in the Installer and see if that works. [This shouldn’t have any affect, but it’s still an option if troubleshooting needs to persist.] Though, most importantly, also keep an eye on your anti-virus deleting files, as those programs are known to delete XV2 add-on files.

      1. ruminette says:

        weirdly enough, revamp first and then this was the order that was breaking everything, figured that out shortly after my comment. going with overhaul and then revamp got everything working in a cinch which is nice.

        now for an additional question if you don’t mind. this mod has pvp super souls, but… isn’t pvp disabled when you use mods thanks to EAC being a thing? is there some sort of bypass i haven`t been let onto that allows you to play online with mods or did you make them specifically for local play?

  7. Ok so me and a friend who recently got into xenoverse modding, decided we would be better off without this mod but now, even after the uninstallation we have characters that say their names are unknown and it wont let us add anymore characters as it says unknown character and crashes the game, i even had an issue where “elder kai” was still existent after the uninstal help would be much appreciated as we dont want to have to redownload everything

  8. JaeShot says:

    Hey, It seems to crash and close the game everytime after I select my character. Is it me? or just a little bit?

    1. WardenPlays says:

      I haven’t heard of this issue, this may be related to another mod. Though, I found re-installing this Project can sometimes fix any oddity, if the issue were somehow related to this Project.

  9. yrgcurry1 says:

    i dont know if its just me but anytime i pick vegito my games js infinite loads

  10. AlphaGames says:

    I haven’t even used this yet (waiting for Revamp 5.0) and it’s already EASILY one of my favorite mods, keep up the amazing work man!

  11. hitabrick says:

    every time i try to extract the files or even use them it says error and then deletes it. I hope you can fix this

    1. WardenPlays says:

      This is a common issue with LB Installer add-ons. My best suggestion is to make sure the .exe and the .installinfo are both allowed through your firewall. If that doesn’t work, try renaming the folder in which the file is contained. That seemed to work for a few others.

  12. Anamaze says:

    You might need to change the name of the mod. The folder name is so long that apparently it was preventing my computer from running the installer(????????). I was able to fix it by renaming the folder, if anyone has the same problem. I’m excited to try out this mod though, it sounds like it’ll be really fun 😀

    1. WardenPlays says:

      I’m glad you got it working. And thanks a lot.

  13. I found a few bugs when installing 6.0, the following characters’ names became “Unknown Character”
    SSGSS Vegeta
    and could you also add the turn giant skill on Orange Piccolo?

  14. I wish that there was an option to choose whether to enable/disable (hidden/additional characters) or to have a list of which ones are added, and also an option to choose whether to rename/or not the roster character..

  15. S4int says:

    For whatever reason, when I recently started using the gameplay enhancer, the .exe didn’t want to open up and I couldn’t figure out why initially. It wasn’t blocked by my antivirus and no parts had gone to the recycle bin. Smallest thing I did was changed the folder name to “Version # Something Gameplay Enhancer”. Then it wants to work. It’s the weirdest thing.

    I’m enjoying the mod though.

  16. DiegoSC says:

    (I speak another language so I will use a translator if something is wrong) I would like you to be able to choose the art of the menu screen, for example that in the installer you can choose between the art of Goku Supersaiyan, Majin Vegeta, Goku Supersaiyan 4, etc. that you can choose the arts of gogeta and vegito from the loading screens.

    1. WardenPlays says:

      That’s a really cool idea, interesting. I appreciate the suggestion.

  17. kiriko says:

    I’m not sure how it happened but for some reason the super souls are in the wrong language.

  18. tylx2 says:

    your mod is getting picked up as a virus now, any workaround?

    1. WardenPlays says:

      Make sure the executable isn’t under a blacklist in your anti-virus software. After doing so, try re-downloading it and placing it on your desktop.

      1. Vakuda says:

        Hey, so i tried this, and it says “These files cant be opened, your internet security prevented you from opening one or more of these files”

        1. WardenPlays says:

          Try re-downloading it, and look around and see if there’s an option to “keep” files you’ve downloaded from the Internet. Also make sure your anti-virus didn’t blacklist the file.

  19. ITSALENAA says:

    i dont think this is beatable i need to see a video of someone completing the expert missions

    1. KarZak says:

      oh man,i agree,its not a quest at that point,its just marbling drop and op move spam,that needs to be altered,its idiotic..difficulty increases doesnt mean invulnerable and spamming, i hate those quests with obsurd limits and abilities that is basically just a death sentence…

    2. WardenPlays says:

      Try out the new Character-Exclusive Super Souls, there’s a chart dictating who has them on this add-on page, and .txt on what the souls do. They may just give you the push you need.

      1. Bearadactyl says:

        The problem with this half the reason people play this game is to use their CaC. If you have to use other characters to complete content, that’s not a good thing, all content should be doable within reason by the CaC even with a difficulty overhaul. If anything, at the very least, make the expert missions an optional add on. Many people are using this mod because Proud Mode was never updated, you need to keep this in mind.

  • 8uploads
7.1 [3/9/24]
File size
70.53 MB
Credit given to modders
Warden [Dev], | Special Thanks: Pentium & Kristal [For DBL Assets Drive], lazybone [Installer] and JSM [Some Art]
March 9, 2024

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