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itsErichDUH’s Corruption Crisis! | Parrellel Quest | 1v1


Hey there, fellow Time Patrollers! Your interest in my mods means a lot! I'm on a mission to bring you more awesome and free content faster than a warp kamehameha! But to keep up the pace, I need your support and subscribers. When sharing my mods, be sure to include a shoutout and a link to help spread the word! Together, we can make the modding community even stronger. Your support and subscriptions keep the power level rising! Thanks for joining me on this epic adventure!


Dragon ball Xenoverse 2 New Modded Parallel Quest! (Commission) 


ItsEricDUH's Corruption Crisis! Save ItsEricDUH in a 1v1 Showdown!


Join the adventure in a parallel universe where the YouTuber @Itsericduh has been corrupted by dark forces. Teaming up with Hirudegarn, you must engage in a thrilling 1v1 showdown to save ItsEricDUH before it's too late! Will you be able to restore peace and redemption, or will you face the ultimate challenge in this epic quest? Watch now to witness the battle for the fate of Itsericduh unfold!


Embark on a mission to save the corrupted YouTuber Itsericduh with Hirudegarn in an epic 1v1 showdown. Time is running out in this parallel universe—will you restore peace or face a battle for the ages?


This Pack includes:

  • 2 New Playable Characters (itsEricDUH and ItesEricDUH Time Breaker)
  • 1 New Stage (Kame House)
  • 2 New Attacks (Burst Galick Gun and Super Big Bang Attack)
  • 1 Costume (itsEricDuh's Jacket Colorable)
  • 1 New Parallel Quest


Keep updated and support here:

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A Special Thanks to these amazing people for helping and giving me permissions:



TheTrue HQ:




Kaito Kid/Mankyuu!!:




TCG Cardcast:



  • ItsEricDUH - Youtuber/Voice acting
  • BBVenom - Amazing Assistance
  • TheTrue HQ - Transformation/Animations (DBL Rose)
  • Unleahed - Transformations/Skills (Super Saiyan Blue Evolution/Raid Blast)
  • Mitchell4TheWin - Cac Voice (Infinity)
  • RazeDevastator - Kame House Map
  • Kaito Kid/Mankyuu!! - Skills
  • Linklink17:  Jacket/Hair (Kado Hair/Mysterious Jacket)
  • Nevox - Textures/Clothing Fixes (Jacket Reward)
  • tonkatunk - Skills (Big Bang Attack)
  • Mista Fri - Hirudegarn Portrait
  • TCG Cardcast - Hirudegarn


X2M File:

DBXV2 X2M INSTALLER - This method is specifically for "X2M" files.

To use this method, you simply acquire the X2M Installer.

Download Link:

Open the XV2 Mods Installer (xv2ins)

Click the "Install" button and find and open the mod you want to install.

Then you should get a Pop up to confirm your adding your mod (Click Yes)

Bam the Mod is now added to your game!


Then run your game and it should be in the "Event Quests" menu on the bottom.



You can also easily uninstall X2M characters via the same X2M Installer program.

Click on the mod you want to uninstall

Then click the uninstall button

Done, the mod is removed from your game!


If the mod quest still doesn't appear go into the save editor

Download Link:

Load your save file

Go to the Quests tab

Then go parallel quest tab

Either click unlock all (revealing every quest) or scroll down till you see this quest and unlock it

Enjoy!! :)

Version 1

Beta/Patrons Release


Version 1.0 

Bug fixes, Official Released Public

Xeno Trunks
  • 9Mods
  • 7Followers

File size
73.96 MB
Credit given to modders
BBVenom, TheTrue HQ, Unleahed, Mitchell4TheWin, RazeDevastator, Kaito Kid/Mankyuu!!, Linklink17, Nevox, TCGardcast, tonkatunk, TCG Cardcast, Mista Fri,
May 24, 2024


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  1. Fun quest and fun characters to use too! Just one thing I kinda noticed. The colorable jacket is missing textures on the sides of the head and the whole neck? I tested a few things with my mods to see if it was anything else, but I noticed the jacket was the only clothing item I had with those missing textures, everything else had those textures, even my other modded clothes.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, The Tako Kid, my fellow Time Patroller! I appreciate you pointing out the issue with the missing textures on the colorable jacket. I’ll take note of this and work on fixing it as soon as possible. Your help in identifying these issues is invaluable, and I’m grateful for your dedication to improving our adventures. With your support, I’ll make sure to address this texture problem promptly so that you, as Tako Kid, can continue your Time Patroller missions with style. Thank you for your understanding and patience, and let’s make sure every detail is just right for our next quest!

    1. Hey there! Trunks here. Oh no! Your game crashed, huh? That’s a bummer. It could be due to your mod causing some trouble. Mods can sometimes be a bit finicky and cause unexpected issues. Make sure your mods are compatible with the version of the game you’re running. If the problem persists, you might need to look into updating or troubleshooting your mods. Keep fighting the good fight!

Xeno Trunks
  • 9Mods
  • 7Followers

File size
73.96 MB
Credit given to modders
BBVenom, TheTrue HQ, Unleahed, Mitchell4TheWin, RazeDevastator, Kaito Kid/Mankyuu!!, Linklink17, Nevox, TCGardcast, tonkatunk, TCG Cardcast, Mista Fri,
May 24, 2024

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