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Welcome to the KAKAROT FUSIONS aura pack page!

This aura pack includes a series of auras from official to fan made transformations.

Inside you will find auras mixed with the vanilla assets and the KAKAROT AURAS PACK (Kinda tried a Legends look).

Please read below for any changes made to the pack such as Add-ons, improvements etc.

Please leave your comments down below and enjoy the mod!

Drag and Drop the folder into somewhere nice! Run the installation and choose 1 by one which auras you want to install

1.1 An option for Shader Friendly lighting has been added to the installer Super Saiyan Rage, Super Saiyan Blue, Super Saiyan Blue 2, Super Saiyan Rose, Super Saiyan Rose 2, Beast Form and Super Saiyan 5 have been remade. (Especially Rose and Rage) VILLAINOUS FORMS HAVE BEEN ADDED TO THE ROSTER! GODLY LEGENDARY SUPER SAIYAN FORMS HAVE BEEN ADDED TO THE ROSTER! SUPER SAIYAN ROSE EVOLUTION HAS BEEN READDED TO THE ROSTER Ultra Ego has 1 more effect added.

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February 17, 2024


Leave a Reply

  1. Red super saiyan 4 option pls :C

  2. CronoHerz says:

    Bro what a good Aura mod, the best I’ve ever seen! I have a question in the installer in the SSJ5 part there is a xeno vegito , you know what mod it is, I can’t find it pls help

  3. VaterGottes says:

    Hey, im using this in conjunction with LB‘s transformations mod. Starting at SSBKKx10 it seems to mess up the optics. So LB apparently has a red glow on top of the body that’s missing wirh your pack. Also SSBKKx20 doesn’t have an aura at all. Is there a fix for this so I can keep using your auras?

  4. xivxivxiv says:

    I know this is a simple problem, but if someone can help me, even uninstalling the aura pack that I had before keeps giving the maximum error, is there any way to fix this or just uninstalling all the mods?

  5. thom says:

    No me salen las auras, que hago?

  6. seiryusama says:

    Your mod is great, but for some actions ( probably just an impression for me ) the vanilla part of the auras seems visually less brighter than the kakarot part. Wouldn’t it be visually more impressive to mix the kakarot auras pack with the enhanced vanilla auras pack.
    Otherwise, great work !

  7. I love these auras, but could you by chance add a Super Saiyan God Evolution Aura please?

  8. Johta says:

    Can you add an option to the installer to install all the auras at once and an option to chose individually?

    1. I wish my mic wasnt shitty. Otherwise i would.

  9. Jewel Galore says:

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  11. POKAHONTAS_ says:

    Hello i have a problem. I am using SUPER SAYIAN 4 ULTRA INSTICNT MOD it have ss4 transfromation and ss4 ultra instinct. And the problem i have is that for ss4 transformation aura i had to change Entry 1 and for ss4 ui i had to change aura in entry 0 which is weird because Entry 0 is for first transformation and Entry 1 for secound but this is not the problem. So i figured out and changed auras for each of them and they work but the transformation aura it self is messed up somehow because when i entering 1st form it uses 2nd form aura and when im transforming to 2nd form it uses ui aura. I checked many times that i use correct ids and stuff. At the moment i think its caused by this thing that made 1st form Entry 1 and 2nd form entry 0. Do you have any idea what can cause this?

  12. DarkBlade350 says:

    The Orange Piccolo Aura doesn’t apply on the Orange Piccolo we have in-game, am I missing a mod?

    1. Orange Piccolo doesnt have its own Henshin start (Flare) like super saiyan does. You can use it for your CAC’s tho! Oh and X2M characters!

  13. xlJinchu says:

    What happened to the transformable tail mod cuz I liked that mod?

    1. maybro one day i’ll make another one i want the textures to be correct this time when you detransform

  14. Ironiczy77 says:

    Is it a glitch when I use the SSJ4 aura on my cac, and my cac’s jaw has a darker color of skin than the top part of his face?
    It also happens with the UI sign aura too.

    1. Ironiczy77 says:

      Never mind it is my hair that is doing it

  15. Hope villainous mode comes out soon :>

  16. SpinningDuck says:

    This is a pure thing of beauty

  17. Destroyer says:

    buenas como esta y discupa pero tengo un problema para descagar las auras esta por mega y no carga y ya lo intente varias veces

  18. Sergio says:

    Hey, not sure if im the only one having this issue, but the Rose Evo aura aint showing up for me, i got the charge and the boost loop working, but the aura itself aint showing, not sure if i put the wrong BoostStart, but i noticed that its the same as SSR2, so if anyone has a fix, lmk

    1. It’s not part of the pack sorry.
      When you install thr auras ROSE evolution is not apart of the roster🫠

  19. Korophy says:

    can you add a Kakarot aura for Android 21?

  20. Haxxor says:

    And what if we want to uninstall the mods ?

    1. Solalce says:

      You go back to the auras you installed and do the same thing again. Except it should give you an option to uninstall them or reinstall them.

  21. RamaCd says:

    update the aura collection pack or just the enhanced vanilla auras please

Deez Mods Only
  • 21uploads
File size
49.68 MB
February 17, 2024

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