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(3.4 UPDATE) Super Saiyan (1/2/3/4/5) Transformation Skill!

Unlock the power of Super Saiyans 1 through 5 and gain access to iconic Ultimate skills exclusive to each form (including base!)

You can also skip forms as long as it's higher than your current stage. The button inputs are as followed:

Super Saiyan 2 = Transform + Jump (with at least 200 Ki)

Super Saiyan 3 = Transform + Light Attack (with at least 300 Ki)

Super Saiyan 4 = Transform + Strong Attack (with at least 400 Ki)

Super Saiyan 5 = Transform + Ki Blast (with at least 500 Ki)

You can press "Block" for a short time when your transformation starts instead to revert directly back to base. You can also revert to any form as long as you're already in a higher form. The button inputs for that are as followed:

Super Saiyan = Transform + Right (with at least 100 Ki)

Super Saiyan 2 = Transform + Down (with at least 200 Ki)

Super Saiyan 3 = Transform + Left (with at least 300 Ki)

Super Saiyan 4 = Transform + Up (with less than 500 Ki)

If you don't meet the Ki requirements you'll simply revert to base. Otherwise transform as normal to reach a greater form or revert to base if you're in Super Saiyan 5.

Each form, including Base, has been given access to an iconic Ultimate skill that is tied to specific forms which are as followed:

Base = Super Spirit Bomb (Festival) (Transform + Up) (300 Ki)

Super Saiyan = Angry Kamehameha (Transform + Up) (400 Ki)

Super Saiyan 2 = Final Flash (Transform + Up) (300 Ki)

Super Saiyan 3 = Dragon Fist (Transform + Up) (500 Ki)

Super Saiyan 4 = x10 Kamehameha (Transform + Up) (500 Ki)

Super Saiyan 5 = Godly Display (Transform + Up) (500 Ki)

Note: The eyes included for SYM do not support eye movement so things like Super Spirit Bomb (Festival) won't look right for them. If that bothers you enough then I suggest replacing the 297_face_eye and 297_face_forehead files to ones that do support eye movement.

IDs are as followed:


297 = SSJ

298 = SSJ2

299 = SSJ3

256 = SSJ4 (Also Eye for SSJ5)

566 = SSJ5


256 = SSJ4

566 = SSJ5

Make sure you have all of these in your data/chara/HUM and HUF folders otherwise you'll get an infinite loading screen. Beware that I include hair files for IDs 297, 298, 299, 256 and 566 so if you already have these IDs make sure you back them up.

There is also a download to a version without the IDs included in case you already have these IDs (you would know) as well as a RAR with them all included separately in case you just need specific files. This is the best way I can think to circumvent the issue of infinite loading screens without overwriting everyone's files. There is also the old version included in case you don't like these new changes.


- Grinns for his amazing animations:

- Lazybone for LBNT assets:

- Gecko03J for allowing me to use his SSJ eye/forehead files that give this mod some extra flair ^_^

- KAIMODS for allowing me to use his edit of Super Spirit Bomb (Festival) for CACs (with eye movement)!

- Temorusk for allowing me to use his red retexture of Super Kamehameha!

As always don't hesitate to let me know about any issues you encounter with this mod! This update was a huge jump for me so while I hope everything works as intended (and from my own testing it did) there's bound to be something someone else will catch.

Install X2M

1.0 Added SYF

1.1 Added required files

1.2 Added updated eye/forehead files

1.5 Fixed an issue with SYFS trying to call for its SSJ5 hair from the HUM folder (Thank you Osirisz for helping me solve that)

2.0 Crashing issue solved (result of a broken SE file)


  • Added Ultimate skills to each stage
  • Added the ability to manually revert to your desired form rather than needing to revert to Base form first
  • Removed the ability to skip forms very late into the animation, that was unintended
  • Changed hair color for SSJ, SSJ2 and SSJ3 as there was a coloring issue with the ID chosen for some people depending on their BCS.
  • Changed U 44 value from 5 to -256

3.1: Changed SSJ4 Bust ID from 564 to 256

3.1.1: Changed SSJ5's partset information to match the ID change for SSJ4


  • Added back the 564 bust to the files in order to fix an issue where reinstalling the transformation after the 3.1 update without uninstalling the BCS entry file would cause infinite loading. While you can still uninstall then reinstall and delete the 564 bust, this should hopefully eliminate the possibility of infinite loading screens arising as a result of the bust ID change.
  • Added standalone version of Super Saiyan 5. This version can still use Super Spirit Bomb in base (you'll become SSJ5 during the attack) and Godly Display. Keep in mind this version is just lightly edited from the all-in-one transformation so the file size is still big, especially for a 1 stage transformation. It will however of course work as intended.

3.3: Added 2 "new" downloads, this is for people who don't have modded auras installed, Super Saiyan 5 will use Potential Unleashed aura instead of a custom SSJ5 aura ID. 3.3.1: SSJ5 no longer uses SSJ4's bust for the model. This will allow you to use 2 entirely different busts if you want to.

3.4: Transforming ultimates are no longer tied to CUS_Auras/BH66. This means that you can now use your own BH66 (i.e for transforming movesets/skillsets) without altering the ultimates used on each form.

  • 16uploads
Credit given to modders
Grinns, Lazybone, Gecko03J, KAIMODS, Temorusk
February 27, 2024


Leave a Reply

  1. AlphaGames says:

    Updated to 3.4. This update won’t really make a difference to many people but I figured out how to get the transforming ults to work without tying them to a specific BH66.

    This will allow you to edit in your own BH66 value if you’d like to use this transformation with a transforming moveset or skillset without disabling any of the ultimates the transformation uses.

      1. AlphaGames says:

        It’s a value in the skill creator that lets you link certain things to trigger on specific forms in transformations but specifically seems to be for activating different movesets or skills in a match.

        Like I said most people won’t have to worry about even installing this update since nobody even mentioned they were interested in using this transformation for that but I figured people having the option to edit it without breaking anything was nice.

  2. i think ive done something wrong. i’ve managed to install it without infinite loading. yay. but the hair wont accept my custom hair files. it just defaults back to hairstyle 6, the chrono lookin one. i put raylys hum hair pack in replacement of the hairfiles but they wont change in game. please help.

    1. i dont know what i did. but i fixed it. i think that one specific hair just wasnt working. the others work perfectly. ty for having a ssj4 with the red undereye btw <3 i nearly screamed when i saw that.

    2. AlphaGames says:

      Sorry I’m not sure why the hair wasn’t working since it uses the same IDs I use 🙁

      Hey thank Gecko03J! It’s thanks to him I’m able to have the red eyeliner in this mod! 😀

    3. Kuto says:

      Bro how did you manage the infinite loading screen

  • 16uploads
Credit given to modders
Grinns, Lazybone, Gecko03J, KAIMODS, Temorusk
February 27, 2024

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