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Animated Saiyan Tail Accessory for SYM and SYF

This mod adds the following accessories in the accessory shop:

-animated saiyan tail for both male and female saiyans (you can chose between light brown and dark brown color, or you can install both!)

-SSJ4 Goku wig + animated tail for both male and female saiyans

-Great Ape and Golden Great Ape hat + animated tail for both male and female saiyans

-all scouters + animated tail for both male and female saiyans

-optional replacement of the original accessories (for online play)

-works with Super Saiyan 3 stance, flight and all emotes and posses.

-works with lazybone's new transformation skills mod (you need to install my animated tail accessory first, then lazybone's added transformation skills)

Note: Rycon CAC mod NOT included. And don't ask for it!

Install using the XV2 Mods Installer

Recommended mod install order:

  1. Animated Saiyan Tail Accessory for SYM and SYF (Dark Brown Color).x2m
  2. Animated Saiyan Tail Accessory for SYM and SYF (Light Brown Color).x2m
  3. saiyan_tail_outfits.x2m
  4. saiyan_tail_scouter_pack.x2m
  5. optional replacement of the original accessories (for online play)

After step 5, you can install all of the other mods you like (lazybone's transformation mod, for example)

Version 1.1 - added animated tail for SYF (female saiyan)

Version 1.2 - fixed SSJ3 stance for SYM (male saiyan)

Version 1.3 - fixed the disappearing tail for SYF (when going to SSJ3) and converted this mod to x2m (thanks to Deaky)

Version 1.4 - added better vehicle animation for SYM

Version 1.5 - added light brown tail color

Version 1.6 - added SSJ4 Goku wig + animated tail, Great Ape and Golden Great Ape hat + animated tail and all scouters + animated tail combo (thanks to Atsuraelu)

Version 1.7 - added optional replacement of the original accessories (for online play)


Leave a Reply

  1. cdh2606 says:

    can this use with a moveset mod ?

    1. papaslegal says:

      It depends, if the one who made the custom moveset did it to be compatible with the mod, then yes, it always says in the desc if it is compatible or not

  2. LamestGamer says:

    So the comment I had made about this got nuked but the animated scouters not got a light brown tail version can someone add it?

  3. Does it change colour after transforming??

    1. NoHateDrake says:

      If you install it before new transformations it does.

  4. Broku565 says:

    Your mod ruined my game all of my male sayians cant move

  5. najhune says:

    can any one find download

  6. dbzboy says:

    PLEASE READ URGENT. The blue scooter with animated tail glitches when ever I get hit. So if u can pld fix it. And I put the mods in and I only see the blue scouter with animated tail. I dont see the dark brown animated tail without scouter or light animated tail.

  7. Najux13 says:

    This is my first mod and I can’t see the items what did I do wrong. Anti-cheat is not installed and I am on offline mode.

    1. Najux13 says:

      SO I have the Ozaru and SSJ4 versions but not the base form version. Is it somewhere else or is this a glitch because they are not in the shop

      1. you guys arent on new characters are you?

        1. Do we have to be on new characters for it to work? Or do we not use new characters?

          1. minato15 says:

            no, it’s because it’ll probably appears in the shop after some progress at story mode

  8. demonssj65 says:

    how can I get the tail to disappear when it goes super saiyan 4 or is there a mod for it already? (love the mod great work!!!)

    1. LamestGamer says:

      That’s what I am wondering, Because otherwise this is like my goto tail mod because I also used a Wrapped Saiyan Tail mod, have you found a fix for it?

  9. LamestGamer says:

    So does anyone else not have their normal tail disappear when they use Lazybones SSJ4?

    1. youngkng says:

      no try reinstalling lazy bones installer

  10. agent says:

    I’m having an issue where I cannot see the accessories in the equip menu. I’ve cleared and reinstalled the mods, I’ve tried making a brand new character, but to no avail. Anyone else run into the same issue and found a fix?

    1. youngkng says:

      try deleating the file in the installer and put it in as a replacement

  11. koruten says:

    only the tail with the great ape head and golden varient are showing up in the item shop

  12. So the ssj4 and great ape ones show up but I don’t see any of the others

    1. ok so they showed up after I cleared the saiyan saga. Didn’t know they worked like that

  13. My female ssj4 has a bugged tail but my male ssj4 character does not. Any fix?

  14. alfiyana20 says:

    how to download in this site?

  15. davishero says:

    It does not change color after transforming

  16. thefavo says:

    Hi. I can’t seem to make it change color when I transform. Is there a solution for this?

  17. Can anyone help me on getting my tails to change color after transforming? I installed them in the right order, but I’m not sure if I should run the lazybones installer next or install the transformations first, then the installer to get the tail color change working. If that’s not the case, Is it old and outdated? I know there are other transformable tail mods out there, just wondering if this mod needs to be updated or not.

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July 15, 2017